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Who we are?


Continuing Dental Education Office (CDEO) is a newly established office by the Assistant Undersecretary for Dental Services, Dr. Yousef Al-Duwairi, in July 2016. It operates under the guidance of the Dental Administration – Ministry of Health – State of Kuwait.


What we do?

We organize Continuing Professional Development (CPD)/ Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities in collaboration with Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) Center of Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization (KIMS). We aim to update dental healthcare workers knowledge and clinical skills in order to enhance/ improve dental healthcare services provided by the dentists.


Our Dental Activities 


  • All dental activities are CPD/CME accredited.

  • Healthcare workers from different specialties can always attend our dental activities to continuously enhance their expertise.

  • Different marketing tools are used to announce for our dental activities:

    • Traditional media (banners, brochures, posters, official circulars)

    • Digital media (website, e-mails)

    • Social media (Instagram account)

  • Registration for all dental activities is available online at our website.

  • Subscribers are kept up to date with the latest dental activates/ news by using the "e-mail alert service".

  • Submitting any dental activity has to be according to rules and regulations listed at our website.

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